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Unleash the full potential of your vinyl collection with the Acoustic Signature Tango Reference, our most elaborate and meticulously engineered phono preamplifier to date. Designed to tackle the challenges of processing delicate phono signals, it features a resonance-optimized, anti-magnetic chassis made from a solid 70 mm thick, 22 kg aluminum block, ensuring uncompromised performance. With an oversized power supply and toroidal transformer located on a separate board, coupled with a dedicated shielding steel plate to eliminate interference, the Tango Reference guarantees absolute current stability. Using individually selected high-quality components, its semi-active RIAA equalization achieves exceptional accuracy, with minimal deviation from the ideal curve. The elaborate Class A single-ended output stage delivers minimal distortion, low hum, and noise, resulting in captivating, high-resolution 3D imaging and immersive musicality. With selectable gain and 90-steps load impedance configuration, the Tango Reference offers optimal matching options for high-quality MM and MC cartridges. Elevate your listening experience to new heights with the Tango Reference.


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