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Maximus Neo Review

Yesterday, I spoke at length on the phone with Robert Hagemann of Acoustic Signature, the notable German manufacturer of top-tier turntables, tonearms, cartridges, phono preamps, record clamps, and other related accessories.

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Tornado Neo Review by Fidelity

Anyone who has ever wondered how a tuba and hip- hop can go together should seriously give this a listen. And the Tornado ensured that it never sounded like clumsy, cumbersome oompah music.

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Acoustic Signature Hurricane Neo Review

In the eye of the hurricane, utmost peace and quiet are known to be found. With the Hurricane Neo from Acoustic Signature, we encountered a turntable whose bulletproof housing shrugs off any onslaught. The true refinement, however, lies in its bright solutions.

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Tornado Neo Review

Acoustic Signature has been updating its turntables, and its Torando Neo proves that analog excellence is achieved not by casting magic spells, but by deploying sophisticated technology.

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