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Acoustic Signature is a German-based manufacturer of high-end audio products (analog turntables, tonearms, phono equalizer and cartridges) located in Süssen near Stuttgart. According to the company’s founder and Managing Director, Gunther Frohnhöfer, their first turntable was developed sometime in 1996 together with his team of seasoned master craftsmen and engineers . The following year, after gaining positive responses from the HIFI community both in Germany and the US, they began to design new models and decided export their turntables all over the world. Soon, Acoustic Signature turntables are gradually becoming one of the much-sought HIFI audio brand in the market today. Among its high-end collections include the following models: Invictus Neo, Invictus Jr Neo, Ascona Neo and Montana Neo. Check out the complete models here: AS Turntables

Gunther takes pride in the craftsmanship invested on every turntable produce in his factory. For him, the tagged that says, “Made in Germany” means excellence – in terms of tonal quality and the overall look and feel of every Acoustic Signature models. The people behind Acoustic Signature are committed in meeting these goals. These dedicated craftsmen, engineers and machine operators, are the company’s driving-force in building some of the world’s finest turntables.  Acoustic Signature turntables are built using top-notch technology perfected through intense workmanship and mechanical precision. Using a combination of cutting-edge CNC machine and a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system, each model assembled is guaranteed to deliver its absolute sound quality and durability.

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