Discover the epitome of precision and innovation with Acoustic Signature's unrivaled tonearms. Meticulously engineered with intricate arm tube designs and advanced space technology ball bearings, our tonearms offer unparalleled precision, low friction, and exceptional vibration absorption. Experience the perfect balance between stiffness and lightness, meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail at every stage.



Made for the ultimate turntable, the TA-9000 Neo was designed to accomplish certain critical factors (precision, low friction) which are important in achieving that detailed analog sound.

ta-9000 features



With its carbon armtube, its special inner construction, the ball bearings used in astronautics, the high-purity silver wiring and last but not least the famous manufacturing quality of ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE

ta-7000 neo features



High-precision hybrid ball bearings made of ceramic and stainless steel, 3 layers of carbon, connected via special damping elements with 2 tonearm tubes lying one inside the other, an internal cabling made of high-purity silver and our typical benchmark manufacturing quality culminate in an innovative tonearm that is always up against the best of its guild.

ta-5000 neo features



Our TA-2000 NEO undoubtedly plays with the “big boys” – not only because of the immaculate workmanship typical of ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE: the concept of this tonearm combines an extraordinarily stiff and at the same time well-damped dual-layer carbon tube with an almost frictionless precision ball bearings and a high-quality MOGAMI internal wiring.

ta-2000 neo features



A well thought-out tonearm tube concept, an excellent bearing and the best materials: with our TA-1000 NEO you definitely don’t give away any sound potential – not even on turntables that cost many times more. The TA-1000 NEO, available as 9″ and 12″ model, comes with high-quality MOGAMI cabling and is not only a fantastic match for ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE turntables.

ta-1000 neo features

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