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Our great masterpiece.

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The name Invictus can be translated to mean “unconquerable”. This turntable is the state-of-the-art in turntable design, taking no compromises and aiming for the ultimate in musical performance, build quality and beauty.

price details:

Deck only
$199,995.00 USD

Add TA-9000 Neo Tonearm

$29,995.00 USD

Add TA-9000 Neo Tonearm

$27,995.00 USD

Add TA-7000 Neo Tonearm

$17,995.00 USD

Add TA-7000 Neo Tonearm

$15,995.00 USD
Grip Record Clamp
$399.00 USD


technical data

AC-motors: 6 (completely insulated)
Drive system: RPM-regulated double belt drive with speed fine adjustment for the subplatter
AVC: Level 3
Speed range: 3 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM upgrade option
Power adapter: External digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable power supply (100 V – 260 V AC, 50 / 60Hz.) (WxDxH: 24 x 22 x 6cm; 6 lbs)
Control panel: Integrated
Bearing: High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing
Tone arm base: Adjustable arm­base, exchangeable custom made armboards for various tonearms
Tone arm compati­bility: 9 to 12 inch
Maximum number of tone arms: 4
Platter: 50 mm anodized aluminum sandwich platter base with brass layer and Silen­cer modules (Ø 335 x 50 mm / 36 lbs)
Silencer: 56
Chassis: Massive aluminum alloy
Feet: 3-point setup with 3D-printed magnetic double-damping feet
Dimen­sions (WxDxH): 28″ x 28″ x 11″
Weight: 286 lbs
Finishes: Chassis and platter: silver (anodized), black (anodized) with 24K gold plated components, black-chrome or plain black (anodized) version upon request Silencer: Polished brass, optional: 24 carat gold-plated or polished chrome

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