ta-5000 neo

quick profile:

High-precision hybrid ball bearings made of ceramic and stainless steel, 3 layers of carbon, connected via special damping elements with 2 tonearm tubes lying one inside the other, an internal cabling made of high-purity silver and our typical benchmark manufacturing quality culminate in an innovative tonearm that is always up against the best of its guild.


Add TA-5000 Neo Tonearm

$9,895.00 USD

Add TA-5000 Neo Tonearm

$8,695.00 USD


technical data:

Available sizes 9″, 12″
Length 289 mm (9″ version),
362 mm (12″ version)
Effective length 239.3 mm (9″ version),
309 mm (12″ version)
Mounting distance (from pivot to center of platter) 222 mm (9″ version),
295.8 mm (12″ version)
Total weight 573 g (9″ version),
687 g (12″ version)
Effective mass 12.4 g (9″ version),
14.4 g (12″ version)
Overhang 17.3 mm (9″ version),
13.2 mm (12″ version)
Cartridge balance range 6 to 16 g
Mounting SME style
Armtube Triple-layer carbon
Signal cable material High-purity silver wiring (4N)
Phono cable Atlas Equator phono cable
Tonearm Cable Upgrades
Connectors 5-pin to RCA/ground connector

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