ta-9000 neo

quick profile:

Made for the ultimate turntable, the TA-9000 Neo was designed to accomplish certain critical factors (precision, low friction) which are important in achieving that detailed analog sound.


Add TA-9000 Neo Tonearm

$32,995.00 USD

Add TA-9000 Neo Tonearm

$30,995.00 USD


technical data:

Available sizes 9″, 12″
Length 298 mm (9″ version), 368 mm (12″ version)
Effective length 239.3 mm (9″ version), 309 mm (12″ version)
Mounting distance (from pivot to center of platter) 222 mm (9″ version), 295.8 mm (12″ version)
Total weight 678 g (9″ version), 746 g (12″ version)
Effective mass 14.7 g (9″ version), 16.1 g (12″ version)
Tilt angle (depends on cartridge) 23.9° (9″ version), 18.1° (12″ version)
Overhang 17.3 mm (9″ version), 13.2 mm (12″ version)
Cartridge balance range 6 to 16 g
Mounting SME style
Armtube Extensively damped multi-structure aluminum armtube
Signal cable material High-purity silver wiring (4N)
Phono cable 1.5 m Atlas Equator phono cable Tonearm Cable Upgrades
Connectors 5-pin to RCA or XLR/ground connector

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