invictus jr. neo

A chip off the old block.

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The INVICTUS JUNIOR NEO was born out of the intention to offer the uncompromising concept of its “spiritual father”, our reference turntable INVICTUS NEO, in a more compact design. To get as close as possible to the sonic “over” capabilities of the INVICTUS NEO, we have put all our knowledge of turntable construction and the essence of music into the development of the INVICTUS JUNIOR NEO. The result: a high mass turntable for those who don’t want to settle for less than the best!


Deck only
$122,995.00 USD

Add TA-9000 Neo Tonearm

$29,995.00 USD

Add TA-9000 Neo Tonearm

$27,995.00 USD

Add TA-7000 Neo Tonearm

$17,995.00 USD

Add TA-7000 Neo Tonearm

$15,995.00 USD
Grip Record Clamp
$399.00 USD


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