Acoustic Signature Neo - The dawn of a new future in sound

March 1, 2021

We have been dedicated to vinyl playback for almost a quarter of a century. From the very beginning we knew what we wanted: to build the best turntables in the world. Turntables with manufacturing qualities that set new standards in surface quality and reliability. Turntables with state-of-the-art technologies that create soundscapes of extraordinary, soul enhancing beauty. Turntables that can easily pass as pure design objects. On the way to achieve these goals we can say that we have excited analog lovers all over the world and have received more awards and prizes from high-end journalists than most of our competitors. We have enriched the audio world with technical achievements now recognized as innovations by turntable experts the world over. Innovations such as our ‘Silencer’ technology and the CLD (Constraint Layer Damping) technology have reduced turntable and chassis resonances to an unprecedented degree, whilst our maintenance-free Tidorfolon® bearing was defined by absence of noise and frictionless precision. We were among the first to rely on oversized, super-stable power supplies and digital motor controllers. The list could go on, but as with any serious and honest research you reach a point where you must challenge your own achievements. Indeed, it was Jonathan Valin’s radical endorsement: “… the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE INVICTUS stands at the top.” (The Absolute Sound 08/2016) that made us realize, that resting on our laurels wasn’t an option. Thus the foundations were laid for developing the NEO series.

The fact is we questioned any of our existing technologies and searched for improvement … and we have exceeded. We hired a renowned industrial designer to define the ultimate look for the new ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE NEO series, whilst

we put every construction and material detail to the test, not even stopping at our own core technologies. Moreover, we brought on board a group of true sound experts composed of a team of different studio musicians, a conductor and two sound engineers to identify “potential technologies” for the NEO series from other professional perspectives. These experts were asked to judge their own recordings, helping us to determine whether our new developments were indeed producing a real sonic improvement. If a new technology could not convince all ears unanimously, it was either reconsidered and revised or discarded altogether.

This is ultimately how we could guarantee that planning on the “drawing board”, CAD design, “lab” experiments, assembly work and the team listening sessions formed an interrelated, coherent process. Results include new bearing materials for our tonearms, optimized CLD alloys for our chassis and further improved power supplies and control electronics for our drive systems. Similarly, the recent debut of our AVC (Anti-Vibration Control) technology and DTD® (Dura Turn Diamond®) bearing with diamond-coated spindle sets new global standards in precision and robustness in analog technology. The development of the NEO series was time and cost intensive, but it also brought us to the next level – an enjoyment of sound now fully reflected in the design of our new turntables and tonearms. Indeed, we are proud to announce the ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE NEO series as a redefinition of future sound – a future that doesn’t just take you close, but pulls you right into the center of music.

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